Congratulations on your purchase! The InstaCaliper is a powerful tree inventory tool, providing continuing benefits year after year. The InstaCaliper is more than a measuring device. It provides information to value your trees, enables you to create strategic work orders to pick trees from the field, and offers push button tree grading capabilities.

When I opened my Outlook app this morning, the email at the top of my inbox came from Nursery Management, and the headline caught my attention: “Don’t leave the future to chance.” If you’re like me, leaving things to chance is frightening.

At 2nd Sight, we know life happens, but we did our best to anticipate how our equipment would be used (and abused) in the field. We couldn’t just cross our fingers and hope that a worker wouldn’t get our equipment wet, wouldn’t drop a handheld out in the orchard, or hit one of our FairPick scale frames by a tractor…. We wanted to be proactive with the design and selection of our equipment so that you, and our own 2nd Sight team, could sleep well at night.

In August 2nd Sight will celebrate five years of being in business and working in the Ag industry. We’ve learned a lot over the years. The article, “The Road to Orchard Robotics Has Not Been Easy” on, validated many of the struggles we’ve faced along our journey of “Engineering Better Solutions for Ag Industry."

At 2nd Sight, we enjoy listening to growers at meetings and tradeshows to learn about the biggest challenges that they continue to face in the specialty crop and commercial nursery industries. When most farm expenses come down to harvest, many agricultural equipment suppliers and tech companies are doing their best to focus on developing orchard and farm machinery and software that improve efficiency, reducing orchard harvest costs.

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