Tree caliper device (InstaCaliper) on GrootGroenPlus 2018

GroenVision, 9/27/2018

The question of improving the current method of measuring trees and counting so it is less time-consuming has been around for many years. Rob Cooling of Vitelia Agroculture has found the answer to this question.

The InstaCaliper, a tree measuring and counting device from the United States, has been adapted for the European market. In collaboration with GroenVision, the process of importing data after measuring and counting has also been tackled so that with one press of a button, the measurements and counts are immediately in stock and ready for sale.... Read more

2nd Sight BioScience and tomato grower CombiVliet to look for opportunities to further automate harvesting

U.S. Mission Netherlands, 3/7/2017

Marcel Pinckaers (Foreign Agricultural Service) and Alec Boydston (Foreign Commercial Service) accompanied Kevin Oldenburg, CEO of Spokane, Washington based 2nd Sight BioScience, on a fact-finding visit to commercial greenhouse growers in the Westland region of the Netherlands.... Read more

Tech company gearing up for harvest interest

Capital Press, 3/31/2017

SPOKANE — Agriculture tech company 2nd Sight Bioscience has sold 50 of its automated harvest weighing stations for the coming season. The Spokane business will build 50 more units next month, some of which are included in that sale, said Monika Cetnarowski, director of business development. Growers have tested the company’s FairPick system in recent seasons. The product is designed to improve labor efficiency, paying pickers by weight and recording the data electronically.... Read more

2nd Sight BioScience releases InstaCaliper

Nursery Management, 11/30/2016

The company took the feedback received from attendees at the 2015 Farwest nursery show into account when developing the InstaCaliper. At the show, growers expressed several common frustrations about taking inventory of ornamental and fruit tree nursery stock. Bending and kneeling take a physical toll, and manual recording is time-consuming and error-prone. The InstaCaliper was developed to be an easier, faster, and less expensive way for nursery growers to get the job done.... Read more

Taking the guesswork out of harvest

Capital Press, 10/9/2015

SPOKANE — Growers would be able to more accurately pay workers for what they pick, if Kevin Oldenburg has his way. Oldenburg is CEO of 2nd Sight BioScience. The company recently completed summer trials for FairPick, a weighing system designed to take the guesswork out of paying pickers for hand-harvesting fruits and vegetables. The system measures weight instead of volume. Pickers wear a radio-frequency identification bracelet or card. They scan their card on a FairPick scale, weigh the fruit or vegetables they have harvested and get a receipt.... Read more

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