FairTrak Quick Pick Agricultural Piecework Counter

Electronic Labor Tracking App For Fast-Paced Piecework

Pay by the bucket or piece? Fast-paced picking? The FairTrak QP or “QuickPick” is your mobile labor tracking solution that offers you a way to electronically record employee attendance and performance in the field to evaluate productivity and run payroll.

Set an increment, and the FairTrak QP tallies with the touch of an employee badge. Not only does the FairTrak QP track piece rate activities, the app is a mobile time clock that records hours worked. To meet legal requirements, employees can print receipts for their records.

Record other custom information about the task such as crop variety and location. With any FairTrak product, you’re getting robust hardware, flexible software, and powerful data.

The FairTrak QP is a labor management tool that gives credit to piece rate workers in seconds. Forget the punch cards and paper! This is a hardware and software solution that will save your accounting/bookkeeping staff time, increase picker productivity, and save you money.



FairTrakQP Harvest Labor Tracking Piecework


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