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Overtime Pay

New overtime thresholds for agricultural workers will go into effect on January 1, 2023. In Washington, employers must pay overtime to agricultural workers who work more than 48 hours in a work week. Oregon’s threshold is a little higher – employers will have to pay overtime when their employees work more than 55 hours in a week. In California, overtime pay kicks in if an employee works more than 8 hours in one day. The weekly threshold is 40 hours per week. California overtime for the agriculture sector will apply to all employers starting in 2025. Colorado, New York, Minnesota, and Hawaii all have overtime pay requirements for agricultural workers. 2nd Sight’s labor tracking solutions – FairPick, FairPick Flex, and FairTrak – allow employers to monitor overtime. Stay ahead of overtime pay; consider one of 2nd Sight’s labor tracking solutions.

New Leasing Options

Many growers have told us that the upfront cost of a FairPick, FairPick Flex or FairTrak gives them pause. To remedy this, 2nd Sight has come up with a leasing plan that makes obtaining these labor tracking systems more affordable. Now, growers can lease equipment for three or five years at a reduced cost. While 2nd Sight is confident that growers would get a return on their outright purchase investment in one year, now growers will see an ROI even faster. In addition, our Daily, Pay Period and Overtime reports give growers the information they need to know at the touch of a button. Who could ask for more than that? Contact us today to learn more about your leasing options.

Out and About

2nd Sight employees have been out and about this time of year attending tradeshows and visiting customers. In the last few months, 2nd Sight has had booths at 2 trade shows in California and at the NW Hort Show in Wenatchee. We have been in Savannah, GA at the Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference, in Salem, Oregon, at NW Ag Show, in Abbotsford, BC, at the Pacific Ag Show. We held a demonstration for a potential customer in Othello, WA, and our CEO has visited our largest customer– they have so many FairPicks, they call it their army. If you are interested in seeing a demonstration, we may be able to come in person. If not, we can always arrange a demo on Zoom. Reach out today and set up a time to see our labor tracking solutions.