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Being Compliant with Laws and Regulations

Many countries have strict regulations regarding food safety, labeling, and traceability. Traceability software such as StockTrak or FairPick helps farmers maintain accurate records and easily provide the necessary information to meet regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of fines or legal issues. By using barcodes, you now can track a product from the location it was picked to the store it was sold at. Being able to track a crop from packing house to distribution is crucial. Whether you are palletizing, building clamshells, or moving products from one place to another, we got you covered.

An addition to being complaint, 2nd Sight’s various automated systems also make record keeping a breeze. Manual record keeping can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Traceability software automates record keeping, reducing administrative burden, and ensuring accuracy. Having years of notes, details, and product information allows administration to quickly filter through prior data to get to the bottom of things, quickly.

Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Traceability software enables farmers to track and document every stage of the production process, from planting to harvesting, storage, and distribution. This level of documentation ensures that quality standards are consistently met, leading to better product quality and increased customer satisfaction. Having the ability to quickly scan a barcode to track the entire history of the product enables the user to track down potential issues at the source.

Additionally, traceability software allows farmers to more effectively manage risks related to crop diseases, pest infestations, and adverse weather conditions. By tracking the origin of products and inputs, farmers can quickly respond to potential threats and take preventive measures to avoid future threats. Our system also has a note feature allowing the user to take notes quickly and efficiently on crops that could be potentially at risk.

Enhanced Transparency and Increased Market Access

Accurate labor data obtained from one of 2nd Sight’s tracking systems enables better planning and decision-making. You can use historical labor information to forecast labor requirements for future seasons, estimate costs, and determine staffing needs. This helps you optimize your workforce, ensure sufficient labor availability during peak seasons, and avoid unnecessary labor expenses during slower periods.

In addition, our pricing model allows customers to not be heavily charged for the months when they do not allocate much labor. We use a model that charges the customer only when employees are using the system. During the dead season our system will not only help you avoid unnecessary labor expenses, but also not charge you unnecessary fees.


Consequently, governments worldwide are beginning to crack down on increasing traceability, especially in the food sphere. Our company slogan is, ““Engineering Better Solutions for the Ag Industry" and that is exactly what we have been doing regarding our traceability software, StockTrak. Based on customer input and experience we have been fine tuning this software to best fit our current and future customers. As we are finishing our finishing touches, feel free to contact us today for additional information or a Zoom demo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..