Mobile electronic harvest scale. Link weights, crop, variety, and location to pickers.

  • Pay by weight or hour

  • Link and track picker containers

  • Reduce puncher and admin workload

fairpick farm scale paying by picking weight of produce

FairPick Flex

Harvest scale system with advanced data capture and real-time data capabilities.

  • Pay by weight or hour

  • View data when it's collected

  • Versatile tracking solution

fairpick farm scale paying by picking weight of produce


Industrial handheld computer with barcode & RFID reader for tracking a variety of jobs.

  • Pay by piece, container, or hours

  • Simplify management across the operation

  • Easy to use, multilingual, and rugged

FairTrak piecework labor tracking farm labor management software


Electronic punch card that records piecework jobs fast and efficiently.

  • Pay by piece or hours

  • Remove bottlenecks in picking and production processes 

  • Simple, multilingual, and rugged

piece tracking electronic punch card for farm manufacturing pay by piece


Time tracking app for personal mobile devices that integrates with other 2nd Sight labor tracking systems.

  • GPS locations pinpoint clock entries to confirm location

  • Track time per activity for all employees

  • Available for Android and iOS mobile devices

mobile labor tracking hourly workers time cards time sheets

2nd Sight data integrates with most payroll software packages including AgStar, Famous, Datatech, Mobile Farmware, and Advanced Grower Solutions. Standard and custom reports make payroll seamless!