We are an AgTech company based in Spokane, Washington that designs and builds systems that improve efficiency in specialty crop and commercial nursery operations in the US, Canada, EU, and beyond.

Our goal to further automate the agricultural sector with new equipment and software will improve farm productivity and crop quality, decrease labor demands, and cut costs. Our current products include harvest scale systems for hand-harvesting fresh produce, farm labor tracking hardware and software, an electronic caliper for ornamental and fruit tree nurseries, and hops twining automation.

Our employees come together as a determined team committed to “Engineering Better Solutions for the Ag Industry" as we offer innovative ways to improve current technology and practices. Let us help you solve the problems that you continue to face as a grower!



Engineer better solutions to solve current issues in Ag


Integrate quality into every aspect of our business


Engineer better solutions to solve current issues in Ag


To advance automation in Ag by engineering innovative and reliable products
that maximize productivity and efficiency in order to minimize costs and stress.

We Value our Community

2nd Sight Supports the Following Nonprofit Organizations

supporting the Spokane community Kiwanis
supporting the Spokane community science technology engineering mathematics
supporting the Spokane community u-district foundation