TCTrack: Tissue Culture Tracking

Product Generation and Lineage Tracking Using Barcodes

Tracking samples from generation to generation through their growth and development can be challenging. 2nd Sight’s TCTrak solves this problem.

TCTrak makes it easy to maintain real-time data of cell and tissue lineage and locations through its lifecycle, from origin to final product.

The TCTrak app is flexible and accommodates many lab processes. The customer defines tags for cell or tissue lines containing important information. Use the intuitive TCTrak app, which runs on many Android-based devices, to trace cells in any environment.

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TCTrak application software provides full tissue culture traceability in the lab, greenhouse, or field as cells and plants propogate and grow. Apply barcodes to media containers and cell or plant samples. Then, using a barcode scanner, move them through your process:

  • IN: enter cell samples into the database, attaching origin, strain, and other information to the cell sample

  • TRANSFER (TR): Move samples from location to location within your laboratory or facility

  • GENERATE (GEN): Create “child” or “children” cell samples from a “parent” cell sample

  • FILL: By scanning barcoded cell samples, create and fill orders for shipping to customer/contacts

  • OUT: Remove cell samples from the database

  • INSPECT: Scan the barcode to see information associated with the cell sample

Data transfers from handheld devices to an easy-to-use web port via WiFi or cellular.

Use standard reports to find sample locations and to see cell sample lineage. 2nd Sight can prepare custom reports for an additional fee.

  • Cell line traceability – Searchable records tagged with date/time/cell info

  • Save time – no more handwritten or Excel logs

  • Improve accuracy – Eliminate manual data entry

  • Up-to-date records – Real-time data collection

  • Easy implementation – Use your own barcodes

  • Simple to use – Intuitive software

  • Quality assurance – Using barcodes, build and track lineages

  • Automated reports – Analyze culture contamination and multiplication rates

  • Power tool – Complete capture of sample information

  • Tissue culture propagation

  • Plant propagation

  • Product traceability

  • Lineage tracing

  • Asset tracking

  • Inventory management

  • Lineage tracking analysis

  • Production planning and management

  • Android-based application

  • Autofill menus with user checks

  • High-contrast buttons and icons

  • Inspection tool for quick lookup

  • Secure web portal for inventory management

  • Complete audit trail

  • Easily filter data

  • Edit, add, and archive data

  • Use on multiple device and with multiple users for one monthly fee