Want your tractor to drive itself?

Automate your tractor toMOWSPRAYTRANSPORT

Why should I consider automation?

Autonomous tractors can perform many repetitive mundane tasks without a human driver. Tasks such as mowing and spraying can be performed 24/7 without a driver and can be monitored remotely for safety and precision. These autonomous tractors use LIDAR, GPS along with other sensors and AI to calculate their position and speed, and avoid obstacles like people, animals, and objects.


  • Remove workers from toxic chemical sprays

  • Eliminate tractor drivers

  • Enhanced worker safety

  • Reduce labor deficits

  • Better data gathering

  • Avoid human errors



  • Global positioning system (GPS) guidance

  • Autonomous with teleoperation

  • 360-degree vision cameras

  • Obstacles avoidance

Autonomous tractors can mow, spray, and seed with pinpoint accuracy.
Autonomous tractors can operate continuously without breaks, which can lead to faster task completion.
Autonomous tractors can prevent injuries from rollovers, run overs, entanglements, and spraying.
Human Errors
Autonomous tractors are impervious to error, fatigue, or distraction.
Tractors are autonomous but continuously monitored by skilled Bovi technicians. Farm owners can sleep well knowing that 24/7 operations are safe and secure.
Better Data
Sensors can provide critical mobile data on soil conditions, crop health, and harvest weather conditions.
Operating Costs
Autonomous tractors eliminate the need for skilled tractor drivers.
Labor Deficits
Autonomous tractors enable farm operators to get the work done even if they can't add headcount.