2nd Sight Support Policy

2nd Sight provides customer support services to ensure that our customers receive valuable assistance in a timely fashion and efficient help to run hardware and software related to 2nd Sight products.

When will you be charged for support?
2nd Sight does not charge for support requested due to Software Error. "Software Error" means any verifiable and reproducible software failure that causes incorrect or unexpected results or causes the software to behave in ways that differ from the specifications outlined in the online User Manual(s).

The term "Error" does not include any failure caused by:

  • Use or operation of the Software with any other software.

  • Use or operation of the Software in an environment other than one that is intended or has been recommended.

  • Data defects caused by improper user inputs. (i.e., the failure to assign employee badges properly or improper config/list selections).

You will be notified before being billed for any Software Support-related charges. 2nd Sight charges a Software Support fee for data fixes and software assistance that is not a result of “Software Errors.” For assistance exceeding 15 minutes that is not a result of a Software Error,

Customers can expect to pay a minimum charge of $185, plus $185/hour for work that exceeds one hour, billed in 15-minute increments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need clarification. Thank you for your business!