Inventory Management


Record tree trunk diameter or circumference, location, variety, and more...


  • Get accurate trunk diameters

  • Measure and record in seconds

  • Reduce data entry errors

electronic nursery tree caliper measure diameter circumference of trunk trees inventory


Record inventory counts by size, type, shape, color, location, and more with an intuitive app that integrates with the InstaCaliper...


  • Flexible setup that fits your operation

  • Record counts in seconds

  • Reduce data entry errors

electronic nursery tally counter software app


Track tissue cultures through stages and locations. Record variety, media, and more...


  • Track tissue culture and seedling lineage

  • Forecast inventory and multiplication rates

  • Determine contamination rates & losses

tissue culture lineage tracking barcode scanning parent child linking

2nd Sight data integrates with most nursery software packages including eGrow, Logic Tools, & SBI Software. Standard and custom reports make inventory seamless!