Need to track tissue culture lineage? We have an app for that!

As a company, we focus a lot on labor tracking. But in this article, i thought I would highlight the need for product tracking in another important part of the Ag industry--tissue culture propagation.

Propagating plants using tissue culture is a technique that has grown in popularity. There are many benefits of growing plants in a more controlled environment. However, tissue culture propagation presents its own challenges. Tracking hundreds and potentially thousands of jars through various stages is no easy feat.

Knowledge of what is where (inventory) and what came from where (product traceability) ensures the highest level of plant quality and the ability to properly predict and fulfill orders. Being able to plan based on timing through each stage is important. Like any business, profitability hinges on the knowledge of your inventory and how to best meet the needs of your customers with the right product at the right time.

For tissue culture operations, a system that can provide an up-to-date and accurate picture of culture stocks can help ensure success. TCTrak is a tool that can help you determine the why because you have data for the when, what, and by whom.

TCTrak is a software solution for laboratories looking to automate data collection. Attaching barcode labels on each jar gives you the opportunity to track that product from start to finish, documenting important details along the way including growth medium. Tagging every action with a date, time, and location generates real-time inventory information. Barcodes are an ideal and inexpensive way to have control over every stage of production, from initiation or generation, to propagation, rooting and delivery.

On the same rugged handheld, a tissue culture laboratory can track product, then easily switch gears and use the FairTrak app to record labor hours or piecework associated with performing work during every stage of the process. Manage your inventory and workforce using one cohesive software solution.