Your Challenges Become 2nd Sight Solutions

At 2nd Sight, we believe that there is a better way. That there is an easier way. We’re on a mission to develop Ag tech that allows the grower to work smarter, not harder.

Have you ever had to hand count and caliper 10,000 trees, not just once, but every year? Have you ever had to manually enter this measurement data into a spreadsheet to get your nursery inventory counts? Have you ever thought that there might be a system out there that automates this time consuming and tedious process?

This is where we come in. You’re not the only one who wants a better solution. At 2nd Sight, we do the work to develop the quality, reliable, and innovative technology that solves common problems you face in the Ag industry because we believe that there is a better way too. Let’s work together to make farming fun again.

Interested in counting and sizing ten trees in ten seconds? Watch this video. Give us a call so we can set you up with the solution you’ve been thinking about when it comes to recording inventory at your nursery.