Using FairTrak in Greenhouse Operations to Track and Monitor Employee Productivity

Recently, a greenhouse grower in Alberta, Canada implemented the FairTrak system. The grower wanted a way to better track employee productivity per activity at the operation. The FairTrak offered several benefits to help this greenhouse grower achieve his goals:


Track all types of tasks: From hourly, to barcode scanning, to piece type tasks, this grower even uses the FairTrak to type in pallet weights per worker to evaluate worker’s picking efficiency.


The FairTrak rugged handheld moves with the crew. The system can keep up with the employees in the greenhouse. The crew boss can unlock the batch mode feature to clock multiple employees in and out of tasks quickly without a badge scan.

Automated reports

The grower can evaluate worker productivity daily with a click of a button. Poor worker performance can be identified and corrected quickly.

Employee accountability

When employees know their time and work are being recorded accurately, they are less likely to abuse employer time. Employees also receive more feedback about the work they perform which can lead to better productivity.

Simple and scalable

The app interface is easy to understand and use and a grower can continue to add additional handhelds to the system as the organization grows. There is no limit to the number of employees that can use one handheld, and annual fees are only associated with the number of units—not the number of people.

This customer said the FairTrak system will pay for itself in only six months tracking 50 people in his greenhouses. This is something that we love to hear at 2nd Sight! Our goal is to save growers money and minimize stress. What better way to achieve this goal with Ag technology and software like the FairTrak! Other greenhouse growers in Alberta are jumping on board, will you be joining them?