Tree nurseries prepare for summer inventory

Congratulations on your purchase! The InstaCaliper is a powerful tree inventory tool, providing continuing benefits year after year. The InstaCaliper is more than a measuring device. It provides information to value your trees, enables you to create strategic work orders to pick trees from the field, and offers push button tree grading capabilities.

To prepare for the season, fully charge the handheld computer. Leave the device charging and connected to Wi-Fi. Leave the device “on” and “awake” to download app updates. The updates will include new InstaCaliper software releases and various Google app releases. The update process can take an hour or more; depending on your internet connection speed and how many apps require updates.

Use the Customer Portal to add or update task and list information. An example would be adding new tree varieties or locations. Sync the InstaCaliper app on the handheld computer to load the new information.

Many inventory software programs allow data imports. Contact us early for custom downloads that will “play nice” with your existing nursery inventory system to save even more time. There can be a line during tree inventory season, so get your request in now so that you aren’t waiting to get your report when you need it this summer and fall!

Things to know:

  • What’s new in 2019? Nothing! If we don’t have the feature you want, you probably don’t need it. But if you want it, we can make it. Software is billed hourly. Contact us for a quote.
  • Find our free help site at Phone support is billed hourly, with minimum of 15-minute increments. Standard support hours are 9am to 5pm PDT.
  • We rely on our customers and word of mouth to sell more units. When you send someone our way… have them mention your name. You will both be rewarded.
  • The annual fee pays for basic support, updates, data storage, and enables you to add and remove information. If you want to grow a great apple tree, expect to pay continuous costs for fertilizers and sprays.
  • We have limited stock. We sell out every year. We are unable to rent or offer free testing.
  • You will need to have basic computer skills or find someone who does. We will teach you how to surf the digital wave; but we ask you to please know how to find the beach.