Bundle Up

Bundle Up

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

With frigid temperatures in the forecasts, we all need to ensure that we are prepared for what is to come. Many local passes now require chains for vehicles, and some may even close as the weather system becomes more severe. Ensuring that your vehicle has proper snow tires, chains, and reliability is crucial for traveling in the months to come. In addition to your car being prepared, make sure that you are prepared. From various personal endeavors (not always the smartest), I now know the importance of leaving the house with proper layers and emergency gear, so you are safe if you get stuck in a horrible weather situation.

Is H2A Visa Relief Coming?

Dan Newhouse (R-WA) is working on a bipartisan amendment to the Fiscal Year 2022 Homeland Security Appropriations Act to change the H2A visa program with an eye toward alleviating labor shortages in agriculture. The amendment would allow growers to access H2A workers year-round, rather than just during the spring and summer growing season. The program would also give H2A worker access to sectors of agriculture that have not traditionally had access. The amendment does not change any H2A visa requirements – it is still a temporary visa –, but the amendment, which has bipartisan support, will increase H2A availability.

The Impact of This Year’s Reduced Apple Crop and Small Fruit Size

Washington State’ apple harvest this year was the lowest recorded crop in the last eight years. The crop was down a whopping 20% from the previous 3-year average. Experts say the dramatic decline in apple production may have been due to the unpredictability of this year’s weather patterns, which affected the bloom, pollination, and other crop input. Harvested fruit ended up being much smaller size than usually seen in the field and at the supermarket. Gala apples, for example, were 25% smaller than normal this harvest.

The result? Farmers had a 20% production decrease with the expected negative economic impact for producers. Consumers too felt the impact as the cost of fruit increased by 10-20%. This type of economic burden is a reason to look for cost savings anywhere possible, including tracking labor throughout farm processes. 2nd Sight products can help growers save money and find process efficiencies. If you are interested in what 2nd Sight can offer, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upcoming Trade Shows

After our recent trade show appearances at the Tree Fruit & Vine Expo and the Grape, Fruit, and Nut Expo in California, our team is packing back up and heading to some more shows. More specifically, we will be at the North-West Horticulture Exposition on December 5-8 at the Wenatchee Convention Center. Catch up with us at Booth 245 where we are looking forward to seeing both new and familiar faces.

Following the NW Hort Expo, we will be in Savannah, GA, for the South-East Regional Fruit and Vegetable Expo (Jan. 5-8, 2023), Salem, OR, for the North-West Agriculture Show (Jan. 18-20, 2023), Abbotsford, British Columbia for the Pacific Agriculture Show (Jan. 26-28, 2023), and lastly, Kennewick, WA, for the WineVit Convention (Feb. 6-9, 2023). We encourage everyone who is local to come say hello at these shows and grab some of our displayed merchandise!