It’s Time to Ditch Your Paper Timecards

It’s Time to Ditch Your Paper Timecards

Increase your Time Management and Data Accuracy

As we all know, using paper timecards to record employee hours and piece rates is a process that is both tedious and error prone. Manual timecard management is time-consuming for both employees and HR staff. Counting punches, calculating hours, verifying data, and correcting errors takes up valuable time that could be better spent on other tasks.

Additionally, manual data entry is prone to human error: incorrect clock-in/out times, incorrect calculation of work hours, and data misplacement. These inaccuracies can lead to payroll discrepancies and compliance issues. Having a labor tracking system such as FairPick or FairTrak allows employees and staff to electronically keep time with a simple scan of a badge. At the end of the workday with the push of a button, that data is uploaded and organized for HR and administrative staff. FairPick and FairTrak do this hard work for you!

Accessibility and Security Concerns

Paper timecards must be stored in physical locations, making them less accessible for HR personnel who may need to access the data for administrative or legal purposes. We have even seen people store paper punch cards in plastic garbage bags! When timecards are stored in a physical location, it is easy for them to be lost, damaged, or tampered with, which makes it difficult for an employer to dispute claims employees have about hours worked or pounds picked. 

If the timecard is lost, the employer may be forced to overpay the employee for lack of evidence that the employee did not do the work claimed. In the worst-case scenario, lack of evidence can lead to potential legal issues. The good news is that the 2nd Sight Customer Portal maintains employer data records for as long as you own the system, allowing your staff to pull up your data quickly and efficiently.

Workforce Management and Payroll Integration

Traditional timecards require manual updates and processing, resulting in a lack of real-time visibility into employees' work hours, which can hinder effective workforce management. Also, traditional paper timecards may not easily integrate with other HR or payroll systems, leading to more manual work and potential data integration problems. 

2nd Sight offers customized reports for importation and integration with various payroll systems and processes, including TSheets, PayNW, Sage, Datatech, and Agstar. Despite the cost of purchasing the equipment and ongoing software fees, switching to digital time tracking can lead to cost savings over time by streamlining processes, reducing administrative workload, and preventing payroll errors.


Consequently, ditching paper timecards is a logical step towards embracing modern technology and improving efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in workforce management. Digital time tracking solutions offer real-time data, enhanced accessibility, data records, and additional benefits. 
The 2nd Sight team can help make the transition to digital timekeeping as seamless as possible. 2nd Sight offers 24/7 support, Zoom demonstrations/trainings, and even in person support when needed.