No Farm is too Small for Labor Tracking

No Farm is too Small for Labor Tracking

Task Management

On a small farm, individuals must wear multiple hats and perform various tasks. Often a general labor worker may start the day with piece work like pruning, then finish the day with an hourly task. At the end of the work week, 2nd Sight’s labor tracking software makes it easy to pay employees whose work involves both piece and hourly work, and you can provide your employees with an accurate accounting of their pay.

2nd Sight’s has a labor tracking software that meets your needs. You can use it to organize and prioritize tasks, ensuring that work is distributed effectively and completed on time. If you have employees who work independently, they can clock in and out on their phones using MobileClock. And you can track where those employees are and what they are doing. If you have employees earning by the piece or container, you can use FairTrak or QuickPick. If you pay by weight, FairPick or FairPick Flex may be the solution for you.

Regardless of the budget, size, or needs, 2nd Sight has a system that will work for you.

Scaling Potential

As a small farm grows, labor tracking makes it easier to scale operations – the transition from small to large is smoother when you already have a system that manages and tracks labor effectively. Why, might you ask? An established labor tracking system results in more accurate record keeping, better compliance with the latest labor rules and regulations, and data-driven decisions.

Digitally collected data also gives you the ability to run various reports with the click of a button to track and see what area, crop, variety, and employees are the most efficient. By tracking these metrics, you can maximize labor and resources as your farm scales.

Finally, labor tracking saves resources and cuts down on administrative headaches no matter how large you grow. In the short term, you don’t need a slew of administrative folks to count punch cards and enter data. On a daily basis, you can easily see whether employees are meeting minimum productivity requirements, and you can avoid paying overtime. You can provide easy-to-read, accurate records to your employees so there are no questions about pay. And, if state employment administrators need to see your pay records, you can provide the information requested without having to search through piles of paper.

Technology Accessibility

2nd Sight’s labor tracking solutions are designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Cloud-based systems, mobile apps, and intuitive interfaces make it feasible for even the smallest-scale farmers with limited technical expertise to adopt and benefit from such software. We design our systems to be as user-friendly and simple as possible. Anyone with a regular PC computer or smartphone can track data and view data through the 2nd Sight Customer Portal. In addition, we provide customer support to help you set up your system to conform with your processes.


In conclusion, whether you are a small “mom and pop” farm, a new farm with aspirations to grow, or a full-fledge, large-scale farming corporation, incorporating labor tracking solutions will provide you with copious benefits. 2nd Sight has a system for all budgets, sizes, and processes.

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