Maximizing Your Resources

Maximizing Your Resources

Proper Allocation of Resources and Reducing Manual Work

Labor and inventory tracking systems such as 2nd Sight’s FairPick, FairTrak, InstaCaliper, and StockTrak can help your business allocate resources and labor more effectively. Our systems provide real time traceability and productivity data that enable your business to allocate your workforce to areas that need immediate attention.

2nd Sight’s labor and inventory tracking systems also automate many manual tasks, such as counting punch cards and data entry. This reduces the time and effort required to keep up with these tedious tasks and will free up your workforce to focus on more valuable and strategic activities.

Increasing Productivity and Preventing Staffing Issues

Productivity is of the utmost importance, especially in agriculture. With real-time data and automation, your workforce can respond quickly to changing conditions and customer demands. Having the ability to track productivity allows you to become more agile when demand changes and market fluctuations happen.

When using a labor tracking system like FairTrak, you will not only be tracking productivity, but also hours. This allows you to accurately forecast your current and future staffing requirements. By doing so, you can avoid higher labor costs due to overstaffing or unmet production demand due to understaffing.

Cost Reduction and Compliance

Moving onto everyone’s favorite benefit: Saving Money. Incorporating an automated or semi-automated labor or inventory management system will save you money by helping you avoid overstocking and stockouts within your inventory. You will also improve your inventory management. Additionally, by maximizing labor efficiency, you reduce manual labor costs. By cutting these costs, you will improve your business’s bottom line.

Moving onto the not so fun part of business: compliance. With rules and regulations constantly changing, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep up. Luckily, tracking systems ensure that labor and inventory data are accurate and readable accessible, which is crucial to abide by current regulations and standards. Incorporating a tracking system will help prevent costly errors and fines.


In conclusion, cost is of the utmost importance, and saving money by maximizing your workforce and inventory through automation is a terrific way to start. Incorporating a tracking system may come with an initial investment as well as a small learning curve, but, after you incorporate the system into your process, you will see the savings rack up year after year. We are here to streamline your processes, save you money, and help grow your business to the next level.

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