Investing in the Off-Season

Investing in the Off-Season

Time to Implement and Reduced Risks to Current Operations

Investing in new technology or implementing major changes to your business is a big step for any business, but it can be a step in the right direction. Doing the inventing during the off-season rather than the midst of harvest provides several advantages.

There is always a learning curve when implementing modern technologies. Software systems take time to implement and get comfortable with. The off-season provides adequate time to focus on integrating new technology, training the staff, and troubleshooting without the constant pressure and stress associated with active farming. We have seen people try to implement our technology on the first day of harvest, and let’s just say, it isn’t pretty.

Employees need time to embrace new processes. Many businesses already have a set way of operating. Making drastic changes during harvest poses risks to ongoing current operations, but experimenting with new systems or technologies during the off-season doesn’t disrupt the established workflows of harvest.

Luckily, 2nd Sight is here to help. Offering a plethora of Labor Tracking, Inventory Tracking, and Traceability products with the goal of helping farmers maximize their investments. We offer constant support and free Zoom trainings to help staff get up to speed, fast.

The Learning Curve and Adjusting

With big changes comes a big learning curve. During the off-season farmers and their team have the time and resources to help familiarize everyone with the new tools, and gradually integrate them into their workflow without affecting productivity. As we all know, the learning curve varies from employee to employee, and having the ability to learn at their own pace and use given resources and training will help everyone be comfortable and efficient when the harvest begins.

Every system has some tweaks and adjustments to fine tune it to each customer’s personal processes. Making sure the system is a perfect fit for your specific business takes time and effort on both sides. The off-season allows testing and fine-tuning of the new systems or processes created from the investment. Testing allows employees to then identify and resolve issues or inefficiencies before the farm’s critical phases – planting, cultivating, and harvesting – begin.

Planning, Strategy, and Availability of Support

There is no better time to plan and strategize for the upcoming harvest than immediately following the previous one. Investing in a new labor or inventory tracking system post-harvest allows you to align your strategies with the capabilities and insight that a new system might offer. For example, increased access to productivity metrics such as the “Pay Period Report” or the “Employee Receipt” found on the 2nd Sight Portal. Having access to data at your fingertips and being able to track overtime and worker productivity can help you more successfully plan and strategize your operations moving forward.

Many technology providers such as 2nd Sight offer support and training during implementation as well as support after. Access to this assistance is much more readily available during the off-season when we have fewer ongoing demands from our client base.


Over the years, several phrases have developed for those who need something but end up procrastinating too long. (I’m guilty of this myself). I am sure everyone has heard, “You snooze you lose,” or “The early bird gets the worm.”

Addressing potential and getting organized and properly prepared for your upcoming harvest can make all the difference. The off-season is a fantastic time to address weak points, maximize your workforce, or replace equipment that is approaching the end of life. We specifically created systems specialized for the agricultural niche and have a team of staff who not only are knowledgeable, but eager to help. If you want to maximize your future harvests, the best time to begin is now.

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